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Squared Rectangle in Four Colors:
You Design It, and The Colors Come Automatically!

A  perfect  squared rectangle  is put together from squares of different sizes. In order to create a squared rectangle yourself, you edit a so-called graph. Coloring can be either instant or animated. Get started,  or  Go ahead without user guide

Bradley Lehman’s Bach Temperament

was published in Early Music in February and May 2005. The arguments sound convincing, and so does Bach’s music when played on an instrument tuned in that temperament.
But were a few things overlooked in the debate that followed?

The article is mostly for experts in musical keyboard temperament. Visitors without experience in historical keyboard tunings may take a look at some basic facts

Vector Graphics Directly in HTML:
Walter Zorn’s Pioneering Work Still Exists

Looking for Walter Zorn’s jsgraphics  3.05?
Or dragdrop  4.91?   Or Tooltips  5.31, etc.?
They did not disappear. The manuals are there, too.

Links to the official versions here
JavaScript is a fascinating programming language.  But watch out!
Most tutorials do not warn against this reliability trap:

Wrong Result With Array In a Prototype

Executable example from the shipping industry, and a solution.
(The document accompanies a question and an answer at CodingForum.)
Buxtehude’s Prelude in f sharp minor is well known among organ players. Errors are plentiful in the old hand-copied manuscripts;  some have been corrected, some not.  I found two errors several years ago, and corrected them.  See how
More recently, I added a couple of bars to the piano score sheet of a popular piece from 1938. They seem to have been forgotten during copy­ing by hand, and this may explain why one of several Bach imitations in the piece was only half as long as Bach’s style requires it to be.
Can you guess which piece?  See a brief outline in this forum post and full details here
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